Press Release Sept. 6, 2018

By September 6, 2018News


Dammeron Valley Water Works has just brought on line a Solar Pumping System in one of its wells at its North Ridge Well Field east of Dammeron Valley.  It is designed to pump over 100 gallons per minute during full sun, and continue pumping down to 20% of optimum power.  The system is expected to produce up to 20% of the water needed to supply the 400 homes currently in the Dammeron Valley Community.  It will also serve as a backup in the event of a prolonged power outage.
The system was designed and built by Southwest Sales, Service & Pumps, Inc., a locally owned company serving Water Companies and Irrigators for over 50 years.  The special pump is built by the German company Lorentz.
The Dammeron Corporation, owner and operator of Dammeron Valley Water Works, sees this as a pilot program.  They hope to add up to four times as much solar pumping capacity in the future if this test system meets their expectations.

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