Pinion Hills at Dammeron Valley
Pinion Hills at Dammeron Valley

Building a House on a Strict Budget

Start with a plan, a concept that:

  1. Maximizes the influence of the environment
  2. Maximizes the relationship of the view corridors with the functions of the room.
  3. Maximizes the flow and realtionship of rooms to suit your specific needs and purposes.
  4. (The cost of these things is creativity)

Identify aspects of the building process which can be managed. Here is a list of some of the things which can be done in a home to manage the budget while not compromising the value or quality.

  1. Use tile, not granites or other solid surfaces on counters.
    Tip: Use the same tile throughout, different colors -- better price.
  2. Use a mix of door heights and types around the house:
    A. Some 6' 8" tall doors, some 8'
    B. Use some wood, some solid core, and some hollow core doors.
  3. Control the height of your ceilings. Less height means less space to air condition, less dimensional lumber cost, and reduced drywall cost.
  4. Monitor the cost of bathroom fixtures.
  5. Control the cost of cabinets. Use less detailed door design and manage the number and size of closets and bath cabinets.
  6. A fiberglass front door can cost just $500 dollars vs. a $5,000 custom door.
  7. Consider putting a non-jetted simple soaking tub in the master bedroom with a full Jacuzzi outside.
  8. For water features, use the natural environment. Collect rocks from around the property and get the remaining supplies from a home improvement store.
  9. Rely on existing environment for creating landscaping spaces. Use rocks sculpted during excavation for stairs and paths.
  10. Reduce waste on the patio flagstone. Use scraps around interior fireplaces, exterior fire pits, some walkways, and your range hood.

There are a myriad of ways to manage and control a new home budget. Hopefully what you have found here is that it doesn't necessarily affect the value and quality of a home, nor your enjoyment of it.

Written by Richard Downer - (435) 632-1307
Pinion Hills at Dammeron Valley
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