Pinion Hills at Dammeron Valley
Pinion Hills at Dammeron Valley

"Living in Dammeron allows me to keep active and healthy!"
-Travis Wellman
"The beautiful sunrises, sunsets and great views in every direction plus interesting places for walking and hiking are just a few of the reasons we chose to retire in Dammeron Valley. We had lived in Southern California for 30 years and when we moved here the serenity we found was an added bonus."
-Thad and Arlene Kirkham
"Dammeron Valley is as great a place for children as it is for adults. There are loads of recreational activities all within a mile or two."
- -Charles & Clarice Young
"Dammeron has many riding trails with wonderful scenery."
- JoAnn Bradley
"Dammeron is a great place to raise children and pets! It has lots of room to grow."
-Jana & Jeff Bickell
"I moved to Dammeron Valley seven years ago from Las Vegas. Horses are a big part of my life and I was looking for an area where I could pursue my riding and have a piece of land to myself. I live in the homesteads on a one-acre lot, though it feels like more because of the open space and endless areas to ride my horse.
Dammeron Valley has become my home. Both of my brothers are hoping to move here soon, and we can't imagine being any place else."
- Linda Murphy
"All of us hope that at some time in our lives we will find that little piece of earth that, to us, is Shangri-La. When we were neither looking for, nor thinking about a new home away from the West Coast 10 years ago, destiny pushed us up the mountain to Dammeron Valley. We knew we had found a slice of heaven. St. George, just 15 minutes away, is full of opportunities for cultural, civic, academic and social interaction. What a thrill to be constructive during the day in the "city", then drive up the 2,000 feet to the magic of our mountain home! We want the dust of our shoes to merge with the red rock history of this area… for all time. This is not just a place…it is truly "home"."
-Anita & Dr. Al Painter
"We purchased property in Dammeron Valley in 1978. Although we considered this acquisition a long-term investment, it was also a possible retirement location. In following years, extensive travel throughout the Southwest did not reveal to us a better place to spend our golden years. In 1991 we made the decision to build our dream home. We have never looked back; and have had no desire to look for greener pastures. We enjoy the high desert climate with its mild winters and cool nights during the summer. We believe that Southern Utah cannot be beat for the variety of wild and scenic locations to visit and enjoy. We enjoy traveling to other places in this great land, but are always glad to return to this wonderful place we now call home."
-Stan & Johnna Evans
Pinion Hills at Dammeron Valley
Pinion Hills at Dammeron Valley - Real Estate, Acreage, and Horse Property near Saint George, UT